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Press release (Bing translator)
CRAC Europe firmly condemns the defamatory of the elect aficionados

We see, through their repeated media interventions, the willingness of the defenders of bullfighting to pass our association CRAC Europe for a structure violent that should dissolve. And of course, if gentlemen Marleix, Fournier, Couderc and Dumas, MPs and Senators aficionados, asked the Minister of the Interior dissolution of CRAC, it is while we are 'violent '. We invite observers to not fall into this coarse sophism.
Who are violent? Is it so hard to see objectively? It is those who torture animals for fun, those who beat and threaten death activists peaceful and defenceless, shackled and kneeling on the sand of the arena, those who cry "A dead, let go bulls!" when we are vulnerable, Rion des Landes on August 24, 2013 or Rodilhan 8 October 2011.
Who are the victims? Bulls tortured to death! The wounded militants! Never aficionados! A Rion des Landes, an aficionado ceinturait a militant while another downed beaten to a coma. A Rion des Landes gendarmes gazaient at point-blank abolitionist activists and Rodilhan October 27, 2013, they used explosive grenades and flashballs, means totally disproportionate, hurtful activists. Why? To protect a few hundred perverts who wanted to quietly watch the agony of a herbivore. To "give us a lesson? Vain, this does that unleash outrage and motivation of abolitionists, ever more numerous.
In an article in the February 20, 2014, can read in the columns of the Midi Libre Jean-Paul Fournier about, Senator-Mayor of Nîmes, about our association: "a dissolution seems difficult to demand currently. Indeed, it is just impossible. The bullfighting dictatorship here finds its limits. The aficion no longer know what to invent, is beleaguered.
The world of bullfighting claims "do nothing pass now. That is, it will be the same for us. Manipulation has lasted long enough and we will tackle in justice any natural or legal person who will claim that our association is violent without being able to provide evidence.

The violence of the aficionados is done by acts, physical attacks. We answer with words. It is time to stop this drift in the presentation of a situation energized, because indeed, bullfighting has become a major source of disturbance of public order. We expect once more democratic, local and national, debate on the existence of this practice punishable by the penal code on 90% of the territory (2 years of prison and 30,000 euro fine for serious abuse and acts of cruelty on animals). Is this too much to ask?

For the CRAC Europe team
Jean-Pierre garrigue, president

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