in Donostia - San Sebastian

21.08.12 *** The mayor of the Basque city of Donostia - San Sebastian, Juan Karlos Izagirre, has announced that from 2013 no more bullfights will take place in his city.

He is not going to continue to hire out the arena of the city for bullfights.

In a press conference the local authorities have indicated that they are in 100% agreement with the arguments of the anti-bullfighting movement because "the suffering of an animal should not be a public spectacle".

From an economic standpoint Izagirre states that "a facility as Illumbe (the name of the bullring) cannot be maintained with public money in order to facilitate seven bullfights per year". He sees opportunities for the arena to be used for the organization of sports activities and events that do make a profit.


Additionally, bullfights that recently took place during the local festivities of San Sebastian, called Semana Grande (August 11 to 18), made less income and received less visitors than expected. Two thirds of the seats in the arena remained empty during the fighting.

CAS International is very pleased with the decision the local government of Donostia - San Sebastian has taken. We hope that more Spanish mayors will follow the example of Izagirre to not only ban cruel bullfighting, but also condemn it openly! Namely, in Spain it is a remarkable thing that politicians publicly take a stand against