What pleasure can one derive from inflicting pain, irreversible damage, intense suffering and death? We call it sadistic pleasure and you can bet it is intentional if you seek that destructive kind of satisfaction.
Manifestations and shows, where time, place and acts of suffering and death are planned and executed, reflect the intentions of the actors as well as the visitors. They know what they are doing in their deliberate activities of maiming, killing and supportive presence.

It is hard to understand the sadistic mind even in the globally used psychiatric diagnostic system DSM.

In DSM III the classification of „sadism” is restricted to the sexual disfunction „sexual sadism”, implicating that the victim may not deny to have had a whiff of pleasure too. So it seems as this classification makes a link to „sexual masochism”, a masochistic pleasure of the victim. In sadomasochistic sexual relations roles can be playfully reversed. But you will never see such roles reversed if a man tortures an animal in his strictly one way having fun.
Anyway, in this lame restricted classification we find no reference to devastating life threatening aspects of the broader notion of „sadism” we are pointing at.

In DSM IV this „sexual sadism” classification was left out as it seems to have developed into an undefinable or embarrassing scientific and political issue. It boggles the mind and there probably are too many powerful and influential people who fit the profile.

Maybe someone has the guts to classify „sadism” as a mental disorder in the next DSM V, in its raw character without any mitigating connotations.

Justification of such manifestations on religious or cultural grounds is another mental health concern. You must have a few screws loose if you let a barbaric conviction override your common sense and compassion.
Whatever kick someone gets from killing for fun, if it is not labeled as sick, sadistic acts surely should be considered as criminal.

Whatever intention is driving the actors or the spectators, if it is sick it should be cured and if it is criminal it should be punished.
One thing is for sure: It must stop and we must prevent it happening again!

Marius Donker

* . * . *


„There is no excuse for torture of animals even
if they had a good life until that moment such as
torture by dog-, cock,- bullfights etc.

The combination of festive activities and killing breeds sadism.
You should never combine torture and killing of animals
with happiness, having fun & lots of alcohol, having a good time for people.

Neither torturing nor killing is fun for an animal.”

~ Marius Donker


„Torturer un taureau pour le plaisir, pour l’amusement,
c’est beaucoup plus que torturer un animal,
c’est torturer une conscience”
Victor Hugo

„Torturing a bull for pleasure or amusement,
is more than torturing an animal,
it's torturing conscience."

Victor Hugo