As it turns out there is no justice in animal protection, let alone the protection of the most cruelly abused animals. On the contrary, the lethal acts in our killing festivals are protected by law, condoned and promoted as cultural or religious heritage.

What heritage? How can a society embrace the sadistic source of a repulsive tradition?
How far have we drifted away in our relation with our domestic animals to use our bovines, horses, pigs, dogs, poultry etc for our lust for hurting and killing? There is no shred of humanity in this dark side of our heritage. So if justice is supposed to be a cornerstone of our humanity, it is totally twisted in our relations with equally sentient beings.

The single word "justice" has both a legal and a social connotation. In Dutch language those connotations of "justice" are split in legal "recht" and social "rechtvaardigheid", avoiding deception or confusion. The legal side concerns laws and regulations, the social side is the impact on society of the way those laws are constructed and applied.

The "spirit of the law" is the intention to protect animals by means of according legislation. This intention to protect is the touchstone for resulting legal products and actions.

The "letter of the law" is the product of animal protection laws and regulations, implicating animal protection rights. If such laws deny the intended legal protection on religious or cultural grounds, the spirit of the law is severely compromised. In that case torture is legalized and actions against animal abuse considered as illegal.

If "enforcement of the law" is absent or has rock bottom priority, even perfect animal protection legislation is useless.

Regarding the most sadistic animal abuse - maiming, torturing and killing - in a festive context of whatever destructive heritage animal rights are forfeited.
Especially where animal protection is most needed, this protection is most absent.
In the framework of "legal justice" fun killing is legalized, condoned and promoted.

Gross violation of the spirit of the law leads to social unrest as there is no justice for the animals.
If we intend to recognize animal rights, it is a human duty to enforce those rights!

What "Justice"? Compromised justice = Injustice!

~ Marius Donker




SPEECH PHILIP WOLLEN Australian Philanthropist Peace is not just the absence of war.
It is the presence of Justice.

Philip Wollen