Say NO to presence of CHILDREN in bullfights
June 26 2013 taurine fair of profane festivities Sanjoaninas will include CHILDREN

A plea for action - Help say NO to the presence of children in bullfights Don’t be indifferent – take action

On june 26 the taurine fair of the profane festivities of Sanjoaninas will include a bullfight for children.

Please write an e-mail to regional leaders, representatives and local councilors of the Azores so that they ensure that all measures will be taken to prevent this bullfight from taking place. Feel free to use the text below as an example or write your own.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

As it appears the Azores are the focus of attention regarding bullfights on global internet.

We have followed a series of Tauromaquia events on your islands, reflecting a violent disposition of your islanders towards animals.
We get an image of a society that is devoted to scoring a Guiness-book record on bullfight-lovers and bull-killings per capita of your population.

Given this disturbing image of unlimited violence we are not surprised to hear that you are organizing a bullfight for children on June 26.

If so, you are intentionally introducing children to the fun of killing, teaching them to enjoy the torture and suffering of animals.

From that point it is a small step to enjoying destructive behavior to any form of life, be it human, animal or nature. We call that sadism, which is a public mental health problem and a public order threat.
If that is the case we would like to declare the Azores the Nr 1 breeding ground for sadism.

We are saddened by the fact that the Azores are building a very sorry civilization record by its Tauromaquia frenzy. Who wants to visit let alone to live in such a mental desert?

This development is well noted by civilized people who are fed up by a society that is unable to pick up the signals to stop the suffering.

So we call on you to stop this cultural degradation and restore the image of the Azores, making it an attractive place to go and to live.

With kind regards,
Marius Donker

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To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

President of the Autonomous Government of the Azores

Dear Sirs.

Representatives of the Legislative Regional Assembly of the Azores

As you well know the protection and promotion of the rights of the child and youth are ensured by the Portuguese Constitution.

Furthermore, the Convention on the Rights of the Child signed by Portugal on January 26, 1990, approved and ratified by the Resolution of the Portuguese Parliament n. 20/90, of September 12, compels all States parties to take all legislative, administrative, social and educational measures suited to the protection of the child against all forms of physical or mental violence, harm or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, and acknowledge the child’s right to be protected against economic exploitation or the subjection to dangerous work, all of which could compromise education, health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

Considering the exposure of children and teens to bullfights such as the one taking place on June 26, the especially prepared show for children included in the taurine fair of Sanjoaninas, on Terceira Island (Azores) fostering animal suffering will be:
-    a promotion of gratuitous violence amongst children and a deliberate way of turning it into a habit;
-    a weakening of children’s moral sense. It is hard to explain to them what is fair and unfair once they are put upon the incoherence of gratuitous violence against animals converted into a show and at the same time teach them that one mustn’t hurt other living beings for amusement purposes;
-    an exposure of children to a kind of entertainment show which several psychological studies consider capable of generating negative or even traumatic effects;
-    a disturbance of values which is not worth passing to new generations. When society is looking for a way of improving its connection to nature and other animals, there is no point in promoting an entertainment show that characterizes itself by attacking another living being for no reason other than entertainment and the maintenance of a condemnable tradition, encouraged and sustained by those who profit from it.
We hereby demand that all actions be taken to prevent the bullfight from taking place so that children in the future aren’t subjected either as spectators or participants to any entertainment show where animals are ill-treated for the amusement of some few adults that unfortunately still live holding on to backward practices that no longer make sense in today’s society.

(State/ Country)

boicot sanjoaninas 2013

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A Agência de Viagens TopAtlântico
( ) está a promover as touradas integradas nas Sanjoaninas 2013.


Escreva um e-mail a protestar pelo facto de as touradas, para além de serem um espetáculo bárbaro, constituírem um péssimo cartão de visita para uma região como os Açores.

Pode usar o texto abaixo ou personalizá-lo a seu gosto.
Cc: ,

Exmos Senhores,
Foi com perplexidade e alguma tristeza que tomámos conhecimento que a Vossa empresa está a promover as touradas integradas nas Sanjoaninas que se realizarão em Angra do Heroísmo entre os próximos dias 21 e 29 de Junho.
Como é do Vosso conhecimento as touradas para além de constituírem um espetáculo bárbaro desconceituarem a nossa terra aos olhos dos estrangeiros, cultos e amigos da natureza e dos animais, que nos visitam, são um dos veículos de promoção da insensibilidade e de deseducação para com o respeito que todos devemos ter para com os animais.
Como pessoas que querem o progresso da nossa Terra repudiamos a atitude da TopAtlântico e apelamos para que reconsiderem a Vossa atitude.
Os Açores não precisam do contributo de instituições que promovem o retrocesso civilizacional.
 Com os melhores cumprimentos

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Write an email to protest that the bullfights are, besides barbarian, a lousy visit card for a region like the Azores. You can use the text below or customize it to your liking. About


To “TopAtlântico” travel agency


With amazement and sadness we noticed that your company is promoting bullfighting as part of the Sanjoaninas Festival in Angra do Heroísmo between June 21 and 29, 2013.

As you know bullfights are not only a barbaric spectacle degrading our country in the eyes of foreign animal and nature friends who visit us, but also the instruments promoting miseducation and lack of our due respect for animals.

As people, who strive for the progress of our country, we reject this attitude of TopAtlântico and we call on you to change your attitude.
The Azores are not waiting for institutions that promote the deterioration of our civilization.

With the kind regards,




Portuguese reaction read in :
publicado por Isabel A. Ferreira às June 11, 2013 10:44

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Letter sent June 11, 2013


If you want to offer your foreign visitors a touristic “bite” and see them return to the Azores, just feed them your excellent but hardly known Queijo Curado da Ilha Insular.

We strongly advise your company not to promote bullfighting as part of the Sanjoaninas Festival in Angra do Heroísmo between June 21 and 29, 2013.

In the last years we have seen a remarkable number of Tauromaquia events on the Azores - either in bullrings or in your streets – showing the sorry level of amusement on your islands. Local people deliberately creating dangerous situations and inflicting pain and agony on animals or themselves in their “heroic” actions are an embarrassment to your community.

Tourists are not flying all the way to be turned off by seeing primitive islanders committing animal abuse. Civilized foreigners know when “culture” and “tradition” are a travesty of entertainment. They will never return to a place where promoted “festivals” turn into cruelty and suffering.

So to stimulate tourism to the Azores we suggest that you delete bullfights and highlight your local cheese in your travel promotion.

With kind regards,

Marius Donker


Ac╠žores Turismo