Name of the Organization: STOP FUN KILLING
Country: Netherlands
Web site:




1. “ STOP FUN KILLING “ is completely non-party, non-denominational, and non-profit, operating exclusively for charitable purposes.

2. “ STOP FUN KILLING “ defines the combination of (either light or lethal) animal abuse and „having a good time” as sadistic, and consequently as mentally diseased and illegal.

3. “ STOP FUN KILLING “ strives for an absolute ban on such acts or manifestations regardless of their socio-economic origin, or under whatever pretext of cultural or religious traditions.

4. “ STOP FUN KILLING “ supports all efforts to end animal suffering and for secure ecological conditions for animals.

5. “ STOP FUN KILLING “ contributes to a better, (mental) healthier, and more humane world by the following targets:

a. to inform the public on the treatment of animals, on animal rights and on relevant aspects of incidental, structural and institutional animal abuse.

b. to emphasize the mental health threat to society, especially from structural and ritualistic violence towards animals.

c. to focus on the minds and behavior of culprits and spectators rather than the victims (in connection with target b).

d. to expose and criticize destructive animal welfare policies.

e. to expose and criticize faulty and inconsistent animal welfare legislation.

f. to promote and support reliable and dependable organizations with similar purposes which are beneficial to the world community.

6. As killing for fun is emotionally highly charged, “ STOP FUN KILLING “ strives to handle these targets by actions and arguments based on facts and logic.

Marius Donker