From the Polar seas to the jungles of Kalimantan the peace of animals is threatened by human misbehavior. Halfway, fighting bulls are tortured to death in Southern Europe.

It can vary from a hardly noticed slow poisoning to a sudden violent devastation. It can be caused by ignorant or deliberate neglect, greed, misjudgment or outright sadism when we turn a killing into a festival. If we justify it, we do that on political, economical, traditional or cultural grounds.

The so called “Animal rights” are mainly constructed on human needs and values. In short: we don't want to get sick when we eat them, we don't want to catch a transferable disease from them and we don't want them to die before we kill them. So if we keep them, we must meet a legal minimal standard of health, food and shelter. We find no shred of “peace” for animals in their rights.

Animal rights should reflect unbiased intentions for maintenance and improvement of the welfare of “animals as they are wherever they are”. Period, not “animals as we want to use them”.

Animal rights is the umbrella of protection and the “spirit” of its subsequent animal welfare and protection legislation. And of course this legislation, the “letter” of the final laws must be in concordance with the original intentions.

How could we fail our protection of animals so miserably if the laws are just and enforced?
Well, regarding their peace, they turn out to be faulty and lacking priority in enforcement. Faulty laws can turn legal justice into social injustice.

Come to think of it, it is ridiculous that we created a vehicle for animals that animals can't drive. We created animal rights on their behalf but rights are passive and no animal can activate its rights.

Rights must be activated by humans before they can be exercised by humans. So if we create their rights, nature and animals depend totally on us for their protection.
Consequently “animal and nature rights are a human duty”. There is no way to avoid our responsibility as the animals have no alternative and we have no other choice than to be their guardians.

It is our duty, we have no choice and therefore I claim my human right to excercise my duty:
to protect animals from harm, to stop their suffering and bring them peace.

~ Marius Donker