September 2012
Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness just like us

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Bold Initiative at Oxford Welcomed by Animal Movement
VAWA president, Lawrence Pope, said today
“Every few decades an initiative comes along that breaks new ground and offers new hope of a brighter and better future world. The announcement today by Oxford theologian, author, and scholar the Revd Professor Andrew Linzey of the launch of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics is such an occasion.” 
He added,
“The Oxford Centre ( invites academics from around the world to become Fellows of the Centre. The application of our brightest minds to the challenge of forging intellectually rigorous ways of thinking about animals is the forerunner of an age of more enlightened behaviour toward the sentient species with whom we share the earth.”
And concluded,
“The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics is off to an auspicious beginning with Nobel Laureate in Literature, Professor JM Coetzee, agreeing to be the Centre’s first Honorary Fellow. More than 100 other academics have agreed to become advisers - and this prior to the Centre being launched on the 27
th of November 2006! Professor Linzey’s initiative (15years in the making) marks a signal moment in the opening of an era of serious intellectual commitment to the questions of ourselves and our relations to other species.
It is welcomed with gratitude.”